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Hose pipe fabric (book)
Hose pipe fabric (book)
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Hose pipe fabric

Wholesale hose pipe fabric from Uzbek manufacturer

Being a full-cycle enterprise, Chust Textile produces and sells wholesale knitted products with favorable terms. Besides, we offer various packing of materials: Hose pipe or stocked fabric (book) and open fabric (packed in rolls).

Manufacture of "stocked" knitted fabric

"Stocked" fabric is seamless. It is connected by a pipe and has 2 layers. We produce the following hose pipe fabrics:

  • stockinette structure (seprema);
  • rib knit;
  • Kashkorse;
  • pique (Lacoste);
  • mollettone.

Composition of such a fabric - 100% cotton or with synthetic fibers (lycra or polyester).

Why is it profitable to purchase our "stocked" fabric?

  • Wide assortment of products.
  • High quality knitwear. You may be sure assured of quality when purchasing our knitted fabric.
  • High performance. All knitted products manufactured at our factories do not fade and stretch after washing. It is soft and pleasant.
  • Attractive prices.

We have extensive experience in production and sale both knitted fabrics and finished items made of them.

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