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Why is it better to purchase suprema manufactured in Uzbekistan?

Chust Textile produces and sale textile products, including the suprema fabric, which is one of stockinette structure types, recognized as the thinnest among cotton knitted fabrics. Our factory is equipped with the most modern equipment and has a high production capacity enabling production of any amount of suprema and meeting customers requirements.

Suprema knitted fabric - lightness, comfort and coziness

Suprema thin and comfortable material includes natural cotton fibers with 5% lycra (elastane) adding. Such a low percentage of synthetic fibers does not affect the quality of natural knitted fabric and, on the contrary, improves its performance. For example, suprema:

  • does not shrink when washed, crush resistant;
  • well ventilated;
  • wear practicable;
  • body pleasant;
  • items made of suprema are elastic and wear resistant.

Exceptional softness made suprema materials one of favorites for producers of children's clothing. Usually, it is used to produce sliders, gertrudes, A-shirts and blouses. This kind of fabric is also suitable for adults clothes. It is used to produce T-skirts, dresses or shorts, underwear, pants and so on.

Where can I purchase suprema fabrics?

Chust Textile offers you to purchase suprema in a wholesale in Tashkent and Moscow at the best prices. We guarantee favorable conditions and an individual approach to each customer.

# 35 Bogtepa street, Yakkasaray district, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 100070