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Dyed knitted fabric
Striped fabric using dyed yarn
Striped fabric using dyed yarn
Striped fabric using dyed yarn
Striped fabric using dyed yarn
Ringel yarn dye
Ringel yarn dye
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Striped fabric using dyed yarn (ringel yarn dye)

Striped knitwear is a fashionable solution from Chust Textile

Striped knitted fabric will never be out of wear. The stripe is not only modern figure, but interesting solution for any cut item.

Wide assortment of "ringle" fabric from manufacturer

Chust Textile manufactures various striped fabric using dyed yarns: with a wide and narrow strip, longitudinal and transverse, in various colors. Such material is used in production of men's, women's and children's clothing.

Striped material using colored threads is very popular among fashion designers. Items made of such fabric (ringel yarn dye) are always relevant and modern, they will emphasize the individuality and original style of every person.

Where can I purchase striped knitwear in Uzbekistan cheap?

You can purchase wholesale striped knitwear made of dyed yarn in Chust Textile in Tashkent or Moscow. Perfect quality of our products and low prices caused by the closed production cycle made us reliable supplier of knitwear to the market.

We regularly replenish our assortment and try to provide consumers with maximum assortment of striped fabric using dyed yarn.

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