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Sale of rib knit fabric in Uzbekistan

Chust Textile is one of leading knitted fabrics manufacturers in Uzbekistan and offers wide assortment of high-quality fabrics. They include rib knit - dense and stretching cotton fabric. Rib knit fabric is a weft knitting fabric with alternation of front and back loops at the ratio 1x1, 1x2 or 2x2.

Why do purchasers like rib knit fabric so much?

Double-sided material (rib knit has no underside) is great for fabrication of adult and children's clothing. Rib knit has many positive qualities:

  • heat exchanger;
  • does not fade;
  • is not musses and retain the shape for a long time;
  • strength.

There are two types of this fabric depending on composition:

  • 100% cotton. Natural cotton fabric does not cause allergies and is easy-going about care. Used to fabricate clothes for everyday wear.
  • rib knit fabric - cotton fabric added with lycra, polyester or viscose (about 5%), stretches well and retain the shape. It is used for neck edging, fabrication of cuffs, belts, manufacture of edging strip.

Rib knit density - 180-200 g/m2.

Rib knit in a wholesale from the manufacturer

Chust Textile rib knit is characterised with high quality as it is made of the best raw materials.

You can purchase rib knit of 100% cotton or with adding lycra in our company at law prices in Tashkent and Moscow. We offer this fabric in a wide color assortment and in favorable terms.

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