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Pique fabric produced by Chust Textile

Chust Textile Uzbek company works in the market of textile products for many years and during that time the company managed to gain an impeccable reputation among consumers. The range of cloths and knitted garments offered by our company is very wide and the quality deserves the highest ratings. We produce and sell many fabrics, including pique fabric.

Pique fabric is a dense cotton fabric with a textured surface. The fabric is breathable, wrinkle-free and easy to care for. Due to its tight weave it is highly durable. This fabric is usually used for sewing children's, summer and sports clothes.

Our company has a rich assortment of this fabric. We produce this fabric of different colors and textures, so our customers always have a lot to choose from.

Pique or Lacoste fabric?

The fabric has other names received thanks to the famous French tennis player and businessman Rene Lacoste, who decided to use widely this knitted fabric for sewing a tennis uniform in the last century. Not only athletes, but polo-players liked these shirts. Thus, the name "polo-shirt" appeared and the fabric used for the production of such shirts received the name "Pique Lacoste" or "Lacoste fabric".

Where can you buy pique fabric in bulk in Uzbekistan?

We offer to buy pique fabric in bulk in Uzbekistan. Our company sells both a pure cotton fabric and a fabric with synthetic fibers. All fabrics, regardless of their composition, are of high quality. The price for pique fabric in Tashkent and Moscow offices of Chust Textile is very affordable.

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