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Open fabric (packed in rolls)
Open fabric (packed in rolls)
Open fabric (packed in rolls)
Open fabric (packed in rolls)
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Open fabric (packed in rolls)

Open fabric in a wholesale in Uzbekistan

Chust Textile has all the necessary production facilities to manufacture high quality knitted fabrics, as well as sew women's, men's and children's clothes.

Rolled knitted fabrics for any taste

We offer a wide range of knitted fabrics both hose piped and open (packed in rolles). Everything is up to client's wishes.

Chust Textile does manufacture the following types of rolled knitted fabrics:

  • rib knit;
  • pique (Lacoste);
  • material with a beautiful name "Kashkorse";
  • mollettone;
  • suprema (stockinette structure).

Usually, such material consists of natural cotton fibers, sometimes added with lycra or polyester. Rolled knitted fabric has one layer and is very wide.

Where can I purchase dyed open fabric cheap?

Chust Textile offers you to purchase dyed open fabric in Tashkent and Moscow. A wide range of knitted fabrics, attractive wholesale conditions and flexible prices are far from being all the arguments to contact us. Cooperation with us is always profitable and fruitful.

# 35 Bogtepa street, Yakkasaray district, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 100070