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Knitting machines

Our own knitting workshop allows our company to produce various types of knitted fabrics from 100% cotton or from cotton with the addition of lycra.

According to the request of the customer can be produced Jersey, Pique, Rib-knit, 2 and 3-thread footer. The knitting machines park consists of 18 "TERROT" machines, 14 "PAILUNG" machines, 10 “BAI YUAN” machines and 12 “LEADSFON” machines. Our high-performance circular knitting machines ensure the production of knitted fabrics in the shortest possible time.

Technical characteristics of the fabrics are strictly controlled in the process of knitting. We are able to control the quality of our knitted fabric using the quality control equipment of the Turkish company “GÜVEN ÇELIK”. Thanks to the tensionless inspection, winding rolls without creases and UV illumination, a high inspection speed is guaranteed with the detection of all visible defects. This allows our final products to meet all requirements and demands of the customer.

Knitting machines of “Chust Textile”


Equipment for the production of collars


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