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Full elastane fabric (full lycra)
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Full elastane fabric (full lycra)

Full lycra knitwear in a wholesale

Assorted knitted products produced and sold by Chust Textile is quite wide. This section of catalog includes practical and recently popular fabric called full lycra - cotton fabric with lycra adding (elastane). This fabric is manufactured on special machines at our factory.

Usage of full lycra. The advantages of fabric

Fabric with full elastane is incredibly soft and stretches well in all directions due to a special interlacing of synthetic fibers reating its shape and letting air through. Full lycra and stockinette structure with elastane are comfortable for wear, perfectly absorb moisture, easy to care, wear-resistant.

Such fabric is used to produce underwear, T-skirts, sportswear, children's and other clothes.

Where can I purchase full elastane fabric in Uzbekistan?

Purchase full lycra in a wholesale in our company at affordable prices. A wide range of colors and high quality products will satisfy the needs of any client. Contact Chust Textile office in Tashkent and Moscow ans see the quality of our knitwear.

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