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Finishing department

To improve the appearance and give the necessary properties to the knitted fabric, it is subjected to wet and dry finishing. In the process of finishing it is important to use the latest technological developments to minimize the elongation and deformation of the fabric. In case of improper processing, the knitted fabric can shrink more, resulting in deformation of the ready-made garments. In the finishing workshop of the company “Chust Textile”, we installed the equipment produced by generally recognized world leaders such as “CORINO MACCHINE SpA” (Italy), “EFFE Endustri Otomasyon AS” (Turkey), “FERRARO SPA” (Italy), “MARIO CROSTA SRL” (Italy). Our production facilities allow working with a knitted fabric, both in tubular and open width form.

The first stage of processing after dyeing is squeezing. The “CORINO MACCHINE S.p.A.” squeezing machines allow processing of the fabric at working speed of 100 m/min and are equipped with a module with scrolling rollers for straightening the fabric with the low tension. The antipilling washing system effectively washes enzyme dust from both sides of the open-width fabric, processing delicately even the thinnest fabric. (a photo)

After squeezing, some quantity of moisture remains, it must be removed during the drying and stabilization process. The drying of the knitted fabric, depending on the type of the fabric, is carried out in a drying chamber or stenter. “EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S.” stenter machine with 2 padders at the entrance provides the possibility of high-quality uniform impregnation of the fabric with enzymes. 10 chambers are equipped with a specially developed nozzle location system for the homogenous heat distribution to the entire surface of the treated fabric.

The final stage of finishing – sanforization in the compacting machine. The “FERRARO S.P.A.” machine, due to its exceptional design, can reach such shrinkage levels that are not possible with traditional machines. The patented pneumatic system of fixing the minimum amount of fabric on the chain minimizes the consumption of fabric during the cutting process, and the new steam system with an electronic compensating device reduces the stretching of the fabric.

For the production of a fleecy fabric, such as footer, our production is equipped with a double drum raising machine “MARIO CROSTA S.R.L.”. The equipment is suitable for processing of all types of fabric from natural or synthetic fiber. The special configuration of the machine is designed for raising of the front and back side of the tubular fabric.

The quality of the finished knitted fabric is inspected by the quality control equipment “GÜVEN ÇELIK” with saving of the shrinkage value of final roll without tension. While winding a roll, its length and weight are determined automatically.

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