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Dyeing workshop

The dyeing shop of our company is equipped with the latest models of dyeing machines of the internationally recognized company “CANLAR MECHATRONICS”, with the possibility of dyeing 15 tons of knitted fabric per day. The dyeing machines are equipped with TechSmart system, which allows dyeing of a wide range of knitted fabrics with homogeneous distribution of chemicals and dyestuff materials, and ensures a gentle tensionless treatment of fabric.

Weighing, dispensing and feeding of chemicals and dyestuff is one of the key processes of fabric dyeing. Accuracy in the feeding is a determining factor of the knitted fabric’s color and quality. At our factory we have provided an automatic dispensing system of the Turkish company “ELIAR ELEKTRONIK SAN. A.S.”, which ensures the safety of factory staff from hazardous chemicals and the accuracy in maintaining of the proportions of supplied substances, minimizing the human factor.

 RD 96 Liquid Chemical Weighing and Dispensing System.

TBTS Automatic Weighing and Storage System for Powder Dyes.

CDD Powder Dyestuff Dissolving and Distribution System.

Soda Dosing System.

Liquid salt dosing system.

Salt purification system.

Dyeing department
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