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3 thread mollettone
3 thread mollettone
3 thread mollettone
3 thread mollettone
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3 thread mollettone

3 thread mollettone from manufacturer in Uzbekistan

Uzbek Company Chust Textile offers you a wholesale of 3 thread mollettone knitted fabric. We are a full-cycle enterprise and strictly control all stages of fabric production.

3 thread mollettone (nappy or napless) is a knitted material, which is hypoallergenic and soft. The fabric is smooth and nice on the touch at the front and compose many diagonal loops or a thick long pile at the back.

Fabric for comfort appraisers

Purchase 3 thread mollettone in our company by selecting various fabrics:

  • mesh (3 thread mollettone mesh);
  • nappy.

The density of the material varies between 215-380 g / m2.

Three-fold thread usually includes up to 20% of synthetics: wool, elastane, polyester or viscose - provide extensibility and wear resistance. The material is very warm and thick. It is used in production of top men's, children's and women's clothing. The fabric saves heat even in below-freezing weather, does not require careful care, it stretches well and retains color and shape for a long time.

Cooperation with us means economy, guarantee, reliability

We offer to order a 3 thread mollettone wholesale at modest prices in Tashkent or Moscow offices of our company. Contact us and find out how to get profit with Chust Textile.

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