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Two-fold mollettone
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Two-fold mollettone

2 thread mollettone produced in Uzbekistan

Chust Textile is pleased to offer own-produced 2 thread mollettone fabric. Our modern high-tech machines enable production of knitted fabrics of consistently high quality, including 2 thread mollettone.

2 thread mollettone - knitted fabric for adults and children!

Recently, mollettone fabric became very popular in the production of textile products due to a number of positive features. This knitted fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch, wear-resistant, retain for a long time color, which does not fade after washing.

The fabric keeps the shape well due to knitted weaving. Besides, the mollettone is natural. Therefore, it is hypoallergenic. 2 thread mollettone is warm, soft and durable. It is significantly more hard than usual mollettone and has perceptible pile from the back. Commonly, this cloth is a combination of cotton and synthetic materials (lycra or polyester), which, in turn, increases the strength and elasticity of the fabric. It a perfect choice for sports, home, top and children's clothes for any season.

Where can I purchase 2 thread mollettone in wholesale and cheap?

You can purchase 2 thread mollettone, as well as children's and adult clothes made of this fabric in Chust Textile at affordable prices. It is convenient and profitable to order knitted products in our company. Please, contact our Moscow and Tashkent offices and see for yourself.

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